Asim Hussain

Asim Hussain

Asim Hussain

About Asim

Currently, I’m the Green Cloud Advocacy Lead at Microsoft. I advocate to, and on-behalf of, the global audience of climate-conscious technologists. I investigate best practices for building green sustainable applications on the Cloud and innovative techniques of advocacy that cause less harm to our environment.

Previously I’ve led Cloud Advocacy for EMEA at Microsoft and freelanced for various companies including Google. I was a Vice President at Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan investment banks. I’ve worked at several startups, failed several more of my own. I started my career at the European Space Agency in their mission control centre in Germany, launching rockets.

I’ve created a number of courses on JavaScript related technologies, you can find them all on my website and I’ve written and published a few books as well.

I speak regularly at conferences around the world across a range of technologies.

Sustainable software engineering: building carbon-efficient applications

Sustainable Software Engineering (SSE) is an emerging discipline at the intersection of climate science, software, hardware, electricity markets, and data center design. Through the synthesis of this knowledge, a Sustainable Software Engineer can have a meaningful impact on the climate crisis. By grasping the eight first principles of Sustainable Software Engineering, you can learn how to build, deploy, and manage sustainable applications in any application domain, industry, organization, programming language or framework. You can read more about these sustainable principles at


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