Henrique Doro

Henrique Doro

Henrique Doro

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  • Brazil

About Henrique

Currently transitioning careers from being a small web agency owner to becoming an independent consultant helping organizations provide more sustainable web experiences :)

Designing an eco-friendly web framework

The JAMstack approach and static site generators can do a lot to reduce the amount of energy consume by ordinary websites by reducing the need for running servers. However, lengthy builds, unnecessary scripts, slow development experience, complicated set-ups and strict structures still keep 'em from achieving their whole potential when it comes to sustainability and inclusivity. Working with static sites since 2017, I've accumulated a lot of insight into how things can be better for users, developers and the planet, and am in the process of designing the architecture of an eco-friendly, productive web framework for marketing websites and light web applications. In this talk I'll share the principles behind it and anchor them on principles.green and other great resources out there to show web developers how can we be more eco-conscious and make a positive change in our daily work 😊


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